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STSystems LLC Business Plan Publication August 8th 2012


STSYSTEMS LLC, (hereinafter "Business") is intended to be formed as a IT Consulting located at 2325 W. Plata Ave, Mesa, Arizona, 85202-7974, poised for rapid growth in the Information Technology industry. The Business seeks funding to take advantage of a window of opportunity for introducing a new IT Consultant service, which has the potential to dominate the market.

Business Description. The Business is to be organized as a IT Consulting, promoted by Marion David Smith Sr.. University of Cincinnati College of Engineering pursuing a BSME Colorado State University and Arizona State University College of Engineering. Project Engineer position at IBM resposible for plastic components leading a team of 10 plastics engineers. Allied Signal USN MK 50 Engineering Designer responsible for design, build, and development of the MK50 Lithium Engine Injection System. Network Engineer responsible for Microsoft, Novell, and Apple workstations, Servers, Switches, and network. components... IT consultant with Hughes Missles in Tuscon AZ during Novell Network Startup. Cisco Networking Acadamy certification through Southwestern College in Chula Vista CA..

New Service.

STSYSTEMS LLC has developed an IT Consultant service with the following specifications:

IT, or informational technology, refers to the development and use of computer-based technology starting with the design of computer software and ending with the transmission of information over the Internet or via specialized networks.This consulting business can cover several aspects of the industry or focus on just one.

1.            Acts as a technical liaison between the Customer and Corporate Information Technology and. Responds to user requests for service and determines nature and extent of support. Needed. Provides support or refers to the appropriate operation.

2.            Installs, configures, maintains, and troubleshoots a wide range of software used throughout the Industry. Performs and/or coordinates hardware/software upgrades to existing computer equipment as needed.

3.            Interfaces with software publishers or accesses on line technical support to obtain software updates. Investigates appropriate areas of potential problem and determines resolution.

4.            Reviews error messages and takes corrective action or refers problem. Observes and reports equipment performance deficiencies, coordinates equipment repairs.

5.            Provides Microsoft network support which includes installing networked application software, managing shared resources, and installing peripherals.

6.             Contacts software vendors to obtain specifications, pricing, and purchase related information needed to guide departments in their selection of software. Coordinates information with customer.

7.            Provides hands-on computer training to beginning and advanced students of all ages.


8.             Assists with development and administration of training programs for students and staff. Trains users in startup, basic and advanced use of software programs including Outlook, Exchange electronic mail and calendaring, Microsoft Office and Citrix in conjunction with Windows XP and Vista. Maintains up-to-date expertise in the operation and application of a wide variety of commonly used hardware and software.

9.            Advises customer in setting and updating standards for microcomputer software. Assists in evaluation and testing of microcomputer software and in planning for future needs.

11.        Teaches Basic Information Technology to new employees during orientation period.


STSYSTEMS LLC has a window of opportunity to introduce its services and gain a commensurate piece of the Metropolitan Phoenix East Valley market share.


Funding Request. The total funding request is for a $50,000.00 loan for a 2 years period. The funding proceeds will be used as follows:


$5,000.00 for Marketing

This amount is earmarked for effectively marketing the services as described below in the Marketing Summary section of the Business Plan.


$5,000.00 for Staffing

This portion of funding is intended for hiring employees to produce the services and assist marketing and sales efforts.


$5,000.00 for Marketing

Promotional Flash Drives and literature


The Business is looking for long-term debt funding. Financial projections forecast a break-even point in less than 2 years after product introduction. Conservative estimates show at least a 25% return on the investment by the end of the financing period.




The business is a start-up business, providing clients with IT Consultant. IT, or informational technology, refers to the development and use of computer-based technology starting with the design of computer software and ending with the transmission of information over the Internet or via specialized networks.This consulting business can cover several aspects of the industry or focus on just one.


Industry Overview. The IT consulting market is highly correlated with economic cycles, as these services are project-based and discretionary. While the market grew rapidly in the 1990s the current global economic slowdown has significantly affected spending on consulting servicesThe current economic slowdown has resulted in significant pressure on billing rates across the IT consulting space • There is an increased focus on ROI (return on investment). Customers are buying solutions which have a demonstrable payback. As a result, vertically integrated, industry-focused companies are increasing their market dominance • STSYSTEMS LLC Pre-integrated solutions concepts are gaining market share in this environment as they are cheaper, and installation is less expensive and easy


Seasonal Factors. The Business would only be influenced by the seasonal factors that affect our customers. Since the demand for our services crosses many different businesses and industries, seasonal fluctuations are expected to be limited to the typical down turn in the dull period months are not affected by the annual holiday schedules.


Position in the Industry. Winning contractors will continue to stay on top by targeting specific technology growth areas and agencies, getting in early and ensuring they understand agency needs and requirements, as well as agency tolerance for risk and innovation. It's all about knowing your customer." We see cyber security, cloud computing and healthcare IT as top opportunities over the next 12 months. Companies with higher win rates are more likely to see opportunities in cyber security and cloud computing.


Legal Issues. The promoters have secured the required patents and trademarks for the services and processes of the business in accordance with the statutory requirements.




Target Markets. The main target markets for the business include:


 -          Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, and Flagstaff Metro Areas



It is estimated that there are 100,000 potential customers within the Business defined trading area that are estimated to spend $50,000,000.00. To seek the most profitable market segments in the target markets overall, the Business will focus on the following areas within the target market:


 -          Public cloud workloads may increase at a 50% CAGR in the next three years— about twice as fast as the market currently anticipates. Our AlphaWise evidence is based on the first global survey of IT managers on cloud migration in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Among the 300 IT decision-makers we interviewed, the percentage using the public cloud is expected to rise from 28% to 51% in three years, while the portion of their workload running in the cloud likely will more than double, from 10% to 22%.


Competition. Customer choice of services in this industry is based on Remote administration refers to any method of controlling a computer from a remote location. In this way the client has no administrative responsibility. Any hardware problems can be resolved by simply moving the hardware to a remote location for repair.Software that allows remote administration is becoming increasingly common and is often used when it is difficult or impractical to be physically near a system in order to use it, or in order to access web material that is not available in one's location Read more: aprox 3200 IT firms who visualize Cloud Computing potential. Even though the technology faces several significant challenges, many vendors and industry observers predict a bright future for cloud computing.


Services. The Business intends to provide exceptional, personalized service, which will be the crucial factor in building and protecting the Business's brand within the community. The Business intends to handle customer concerns and issues with a customer oriented focus with the intent of providing timely resolution and preventing the loss of customers.




The Business plans the following tactics as part of sales promotion:


-     Develop a list of businesses in the neighborhood and send brochures by direct mail to the list.

-     Advertising through press releases to industry publications and local newspapers.

-     Internet marketing


In addition, the Business will also engage in the following marketing campaigns:


-           email marketing; internet marketing, and cold sales




The Funding Request in this Business Plan outline the major start-up costs associated with this business. Other costs include repair and maintenance, sales and production expenses. Regular monthly expenses are estimated at $1,500.00 for paying the employee salaries and other regular business expenses. The Business is expected to generate $62,000.00 in the first year and gross profit is expected to be $25,000.00.